SkyTech Helicopters Limited

SkyTech Projects

At SkyTech we not only maintain your aircraft to the highest of standards, we can also manage partial or complete refurbishment to your exact requirements on your pride and joy. We aim to keep you looking good as well as flying safely.

We are very proud of all the work we have accomplished for our customers. We are also equally proud that our customers put their faith in Skytech.

1. Complete engine bay refurbishment (View gallery)

The engine, undercarriage assembly, controls and associated items were removed. A complete strip of paint, re-prime and paint carried out, all removed items refitted and re-connected.

2. G-MRRR Complete aircraft refurbishment. (View gallery)

The aircraft was sourced for Lower Mill Estate and an aircraft appraisal carried out. The purchase was handled by Skytech for the customer then a 13 hr ferry flight from Latvia to the UK through some arduous conditions for a complete strip, detailed inspection, upgrade of paint / trim / avionics and components, installation of additional customer required equipment. Following 4 months of pain staking but very rewarding work the helicopter was delivered to the customer, Jeremy Paxton. This aircraft is a testament to the work Skytech can perform and also the faith the customer has in the company.

3. G-BRTL Complete aircraft refurbishment. (View gallery)

The aircraft had been maintained by Skytech for 12 years when the owner decided that an upgrade was due. We worked closely with him with regard to his choice of interior trim and exterior paint requirements. A complete cabin & door window replacement was carried out. An avionic upgrade was completed by our associate company, Sharman Avionics.

Martin was fortunate and very grateful to the owner, Derek Beevor, for the loan of the helicopter for his display in the Sywell Airshow 2010.

4. G-RAPD Aircraft upgrade from new. (View gallery)

The aircraft was a new purchase from MD Helicopters. Following further work to correct manufacturing defects, the aircraft had an upgrade of paint, trim and avionics which now make this a great example of this fantastic helicopter.